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Your Artist's Brain - Kindle Edition

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Overcome the obstacles to your artistic expression

Improving your artwork can be as simple as learning how to trust your eyes. Your Artist's Brain shows you how to portray even the most complex subjects by focusing on what you really see - not what you think you see.

Expert art instructor Carl Purcell shows you how to overcome dependency on the "intellectual brain" and listen carefully to the more observant "artist's brain."

With Your Artist's Brain, you'll learn visual skills and artistic techniques that will instantly make you a better artist, no matter what your medium.

   • 22 step-by-step demonstrations on key relationships between shapes, spaces, subjects, backgrounds, angles, sizes, values and more
   • Easy examples and fun exercises teaching you how to "see" and design great compositions
   •  "Points to Remember" sidebars that allow you to quickly grasp each concept