Creating Value Studies - online drawing workshop via Zoom

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Date & Time: Saturday, April 1st

  • Morning Session: 10AM-1PM*
  • Afternoon Session: 2-5PM*

*Mountain Time (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)


When preparing a painting, you want the viewer to see what you felt was the most important element in the painting. Values (lights and darks) are the most effective tool you have to accomplish this.

Regardless of the subject matter, there are many things to look for when creating your value study that will really pull the viewer in and direct their attention to where you want it to be. Because of the small format of a thumbnail value study, you can quickly audition several variations and choose the most effective one as the basis for your painting.

There are also different mediums / techniques I use that allow me to make effective value studies very quickly. In this workshop we will be exploring my two favorites: broad stroke drawing with a 6B pencil and ArtGraf, a water-soluble graphite.


Our workshop will consist of two sessions (morning and afternoon) of 3 hours each with an hour lunch break in between. Sessions will be as follows:

Session 1: Exercises designed to strengthen your ability to see value patterns in a subject & creating a value       study of a single subject, but using different mediums.

Session 2: Creating value studies of different subjects, using your favorite medium from session 1.

Questions can be asked at any time during the workshop. At the end of the second session, I will offer a critique to those participants who wish it.

The workshop will be recorded and you will be given one year streaming access to view and review the material.